Individual counseling:  or consult is provided for men, women, and adolescents who want help to change problem areas such as:
-Addiction (sexual addiction or compulsive pornography use)
-Relationship or family problems

Couples Counseling:  is provided for married couples and engaged couples to confront addictive patterns, change from a repetitive cycle of conflict and to gain a deeper level of intimacy in the relationship.  Many couples also have benefited from a marriage intensive, which is a focused three day (5 hrs/day) counseling "retreat" dedicated to helping the marriage by interupting the conflict cycle or pattern of emotional distance.  This can be a very efficient use of time and resources since a lot can be accomplished in a short time and per hour rates are reduced.  

An initial 15 minute phone consult is free. Please call for information and available appointments. Counseling is available face-to-face or over the phone depending on the individual needs.

Group Teleconference:
Catholic Men's Teleconferences (CMT) are offered for men who are struggling to break free from sexually compulsive behavior and live purely.  These meetings are done by phone so men can participate from any location. A group structure is provided along with individual counseling for each member as they work steps toward healing and recovery.  

  Telephonic counseling provides a confidential means of peer relational healing that is effective for most individuals.  Please note that those who are actively suicidal, experiencing hallucinations or psychosis, not medically stable, or primarily seeking early recovery from chemical dependency should not use telephonic counseling as their first course of action.  During your initial session. I can help you determine if telephonic counseling is an appropriate course of action or recommend other options if needed. 

Please call 719.310.2211 or email: DAN(at)IMAGODEICOUNSELING.COM for more information or to schedule an appointment.